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Shamanic Mirror Cards       


What are the 'Shamanic Mirror Cards'? Author: Roelien de Lange
The 'Shamanic Mirror Cards' contain 33 cards  (see examples left), printed with artwork of Roelien de Lange in full-color. The accompanying workbook (381 pages) explains the meaning of the cards drawn, as well as the deeper wisdom behind them. The cards and the workbook are packed together in a beautifully printed, durable hardbox (picture left).


What is the intention of using the 'Shamanic Mirror Cards'?
These cards are a shamanic way to gain insight into your life. Shamanism is the knowledge of original wisdom. This happens among other things through a spiritual contact with nature. This can give insight, unity and healing.
The author collected this ancient wisdom on her journeys to old cultures.
We use in our society especially the word ecology. This is the practical contact with nature, which certainly got some attention in this card-deck. In shamanism the most important aspect is the spiritual and inspiring contact with nature. This is the main focus of this card-deck. That means for example an intuitive contact with trees, animals, plants, the wind, the stars and the spirits of all things, but also with the channels of energy that are inside all visible appearances. This shamanic focus is balanced with western psychology and practical exercises.


Draw a card now from the Shamanic Mirror Cards            
Draw a card now from the          
'Shamanic Mirror Cards'         


What make the 'Shamanic Mirror Cards' unique?
The 'Shamanic Mirror Cards' bring together different forms of therapy, self-help, healing and artistic expressions in a useful and exceptional way. Every card is a challenge and a magic mirror for the player of the game. To work with this card-deck and its exercises will be a stimulant for gaining confidence, life-energy and passion. It will also be an educational tool for learning by experience.
Contemporary psychology, inspired by Carl Gustav Jung, dream inspiration and ancient symbols from authentic shamanic cultures are used as a basis for this card-deck. 
Furthermore all cards are representing original artworks of the artist who is also the author. She is the one who is able to express the deeper meaning of every card in the best possible way.
The player does not need any knowledge of the subjects. Working with 'The Shamanic Mirror Cards' gives everybody the possibility for a playful, creative or deepening experience. For a beginner, it can be enough to simply draw one card for each time. This one card is useful for a question, a feeling or a weekly inspiration. Of course other spreads are possible (see list of different spreads).

How to use the cards?
With every card, seven steps in the book are described. After the use of one card it will be completely clear how the game is built up. Each card has a title and a parable or poetic sentence to start with.
Take out the cards and spread them on the table with the images up. Look at the images. See if there are some that attract you. This is your first moment with your new card-deck. A special moment!
When you feel ready, turn the cards with the images down and shuffle them with two hands on a flat surface like a table. Take a moment of silence while you formulate a question. You can also simply open yourself to what the shamanic mirror cards will say to you. You can draw your first card. It is a gift from the shamanic mirror! You can look up the meaning of the card in the shamanic mirror book. You will find a title, a sentence and 4 keywords. If you want to explore further there are seven steps you can take. This will give you a chance to know more and more about your first card.
Of course there is much more information in the workbook. This is just an example.


The seven steps

1. Key words - four essential subjects of the card.

2. Description - The details of the artwork on the card are explained.

3. Message - If you have drawn this card today then …..
    In small paragraphs the key words of point 1 get a deeper meaning.

4. Recognition, symbolic meaning and archetypes - The universal meaning of symbols used on
    the card are given, sometimes psychological, like Jungian. But most of all, this fourth step
    explains the meaning of the symbol in different shamanic and historic cultures like Egypt, India,

    China, Celtic, Germanic, Greek and American Indian. This is a nice part for studyheads.

5. Author’s story (adventures?) - These are fascinating or moving stories out of her life or from
    her world travels. The original artworks are inspired by those spiritual or shamanic experiences.

6. Insight exercises and visualisations for the user of the cards
   The author is a trained therapist and educator. Next to creative exercises, guidance is given
   for trance journeys and guided visualisations into the landscape of the cards. Hereby the
   reader walks into the landscape of the card.

7. An appointment with yourself
   Write down the following points:
   …will I apply the message of this card in my daily life? Write it down in your agenda.


The different spreads

1. One card for each week

2. Earth and sky spread

3. Sun and moon spread

4. Five elements spread

5. The Golden Destiny Cards – how to work with the five shields

6. The labyrinth-birthday spread – in which the reader learns to make a labyrinth,
    to walk it and to draw 3 special cards.

7. The labyrinth destiny spread with 4 aspects; the material, the emotional, the mental
    and the spiritual.


Draw a card now from the Shamanic Mirror Cards             
Draw a card now from the         
'Shamanic Mirror Cards'         




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Roelien de Lange